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19 Aug
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You think having a successful business needs a big company or place to run? Think again.

There is a very successful and at the same time the smallest tea house in the Bazar of Tehran called Haj Ali Darvish. It is also the smallest in the whole world. It was first opened in 1918, probably the oldest teahouse there.

We all enjoy that cup of tea when tiredness comes to us. It’s a sign of break and relaxation. Tea has always been people’s favorite drink. So, having a business relating to it is not a bad idea. The owner of the tea house is Kazem Mabhutyan. He got the shop from his father. The closet-sized tea house is only two-meter wide café with wide range of teas and advice about the healing properties. According to the owner who has tried all the different kinds of teas from English, Turkish to Arabic, Persian-style tea is something else. Coffee and hot chocolate is on the menu too.

The bazaar in Tehran is a place that has many foreign visitors. The number of tourists has risen from 2.2 million in 2009 to 5.2 million in 2016. Therefore, the café serves many tourists everyday. The owner says that he asks the customers to leave a message in the visitor’s book, and everybody who drinks tea there for the first time is presented with a souvenir coin.

He also is a big believer in social media. He thinks it can be a great way of advertising his business and that is why two years ago he made his Instagram page.

Customers enjoy his tea servings and take pictures to share the enjoyment with others.

As you can see a successful business doesn’t need a very fancy place or many people to run it. Even a very small place can be a very distinctive help if it is mixed with wisdom and hard working.

A little history about teahouse:

A tea house or tearoom is a venue designed for people to gather for the purpose of drinking tea, often combined with other activities. Their function varies widely depending on the culture. As teas of different kinds became popular throughout the world through the centuries, they became not just drinks to accompany meals in homes or restaurants, but a tea culture emerged which included venues designed specifically around the serving and drinking of tea. The form of a tea house or room varies considerably, just as the occasions upon which tea is served vary both within and across cultures.

From the simple tea and snack at home or as a break from work or shopping, to the relaxed social gatherings of women, to meetings where business or politics may be agreed upon, to the formal tea ceremony in Japan, the serving of tea has a multitude of purposes and styles that span so many aspects of life. Human creativity has used the various occasions in which tea is served and consumed to construct buildings appropriate to each of these occasions, buildings which reflect the physical, social, and spiritual elements that are involved in the activities. The culture of this place is spread everywhere in the world from Asia to Europe and even America with all that immigrants living there.



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