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15 Aug
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Recently, tattoos have become very popular and many people especially teenagers and youngsters are using them as a sign to flaunt or show their beliefs and personalities. So, anybody can be tempted to have one for not getting behind of the crowd.

Permanent tattoos are basically those designs that are permanently impressed upon your skin with a pointed needle like machine that injects colored inks onto the skin and are there to stay. But along with the popularity and the beauty of it there can be an ugly side of having tattoos. As for anything else this kind of let’s say fashion has its own negative points. What are they?

Body reaction:

Since ink has color pigments that include trace of metals, it may cause reaction from your body. There can be a various health problems such as cancer, infection or even birth defects passed to the children from parents having tattoos.

Skin pin:

When undergoing the process of having your tattoo, you may have some bleeding accompanied with pain. In long terms even it may cause skin disorders, allergies, swelling and redness.


Any forms of cuts in the skin can be a source for bacterial infection which in turn can cause your immune system to be suppressed. The American Association of Blood Banks requires a one-year wait between getting a tattoo and donating blood.


Because the process needs needles, one should be very careful of the cleanliness of the needles. If the needle is not sterilized properly it may be infected with the virus and can transfer it to your body.

MRI complications:

While undergoing MRI scanning, people with tattoos or permanent makeup experience swelling or burning in the affected areas and the tattoo pigments interfere with the quality of the image as the pigments contain metallic components.

Problems with the removal process:

So you have finally done it but you are not happy with the result or even after some years you may get tired of the design and want to remove it. What do you think is the easiest way of getting rid of it? Despite of the technology improvement there is no simple and easy way to do so. Complete removal may cause a scar on your skin.

Removal techniques:

Laser treatment is one of the techniques that can be used for the removal of your tattoo. It lightens the affected area. But for doing so you should visit the clinic over the span of weeks or even months. Another downside point is that it is not cheap at all.

Dermabrasion is another way of removal and again a scar may be left on your skin.

Scarification is done by using an acid solution, therefore it is possible that a scar is left on your skin.

Surgical removal can also be done on not wanted tattoos. While doing the surgery tissue expanders are used in a way that balloons are inserted under your skin so that when the tattoos are removed there is less scaring. Sometimes multiple surgeries should be done.

If by knowing all these negative points you still want to have a tattoo make sure you follow these steps:

Make sure the place and the tattoo artist are hygienic.

Do a research about the place and the artist beforehand and make sure that it’s the best.

Make sure you have a company on the day doing it to ease out the tension.

Make sure the tattoo artist is using gloves.

The needles should be used only once.

Make sure your new tattoo stays as vibrant and crisp as it can.

Read the instructions carefully to heal the tattoo after it’s done.

Ensure that needles are sterilized. If undergoing MRI scanning inform the radiologist

of your tattoo.


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