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7 Apr
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Have you ever thought about this fact that foods taste different during the flight? You’ll see that the same food which you ate two or three hours before the flight taste different during the flight time. Have you ever noticed this difference?

 I should tell you that taste of foods is different from each other on every airplane around the world.

All the people who have experienced air travel know that food tastes are different on air travel. Some explain scientific reasons to prove this phenomenon. Some of the reasons are the very low cabin humidity, foods packaging and psychological factors such as the effect of flight anxiety on the human appetite.

At an altitude of 4000 feet from the ground, whatever you eat has a different taste from you have in your mind. Fruit juice is different, foods are different and there are scientific reasons for them.

The foods which have cooked for airplanes have a lot of nutritional values problems and there are a lot of critics about them. These problems are about the ingredients, their quality, the way of cooking, the way of freezing, the way of drying and the packaging. These all have caused low quality and have changed their tastes.

We should mention that the chefs have renewed their Recipes and ingredients in order to increase the quality and meet the costumers need. They’re using new ways to cook food and they have really succeeded.

Sweet and salty foods change more than the other foods. A research center explains that the cabin environment and psychological effects are the reasons. They decrease your appetite and taste recognition ability to 30 percent. If you want to recover the taste you should add a little salt.

Another major reason is the humidity; it is even lesser than some deserts! In this environment, even your smelling sense changes because of atmospheric pressure and humidity, but this will be reduced by the start of the airplane’s peak.

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