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21 Apr
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Talent, skill, ability or everything you call it can definitely help you to improve your life level but it won’t work without hope. A lot of psychological researchers have recently suggested that these are psychological tools which can lead you to your goal. You may own the best car in the world, but if you can’t drive it, that would be nothing! So it’s the same, the thing that moves you forward in your life, is hope.

Psychologists have introduced a lot of different tools such as stability, responsibility, efficiency, optimism, motivation, inspiration and etc. these are all important but there is one thing which has been less concerned, and that is HOPE.

So many people assume that a hopeful person is an easy going, stupid person who is trying to push a wall with force! That’s a shameful thought! But the truth is, hope is the most valuable psychological tool.

It’s not a new tool. In 1991, Charles R. Snyder a famous optimist psychologist found the HOPE THEORY with his colleagues. According to this theory, hope includes a lot of intermediaries and passages. A hopeful person can achieve his/her goals and also has a series of strategies to achieve those goals. In a simpler word, hope is the motivation to move and different ways of arriving.

Life is hard; there are a lot of obstacles in our way. Just Setting goals is not enough. A human should get closer to the goals during the life’s ups and downs. Hope allows people to face life problems and find strategies to succeed. As result, they will really achieve their goals by increasing these opportunities.

On the other hand, those who don’t have hope have the desire to choose functional goals. People with functional goals choose things that don’ t have a challenge or opportunity to grow. When they fail, they leave everything. These people are helpless and feel the lack of control over their environment. They don’t believe in their capacity to achieve the future they love. They are disappointed.

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