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11 Jan
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1) Vasa museum: Vasa is a warship which is decorated with 100 statues. It sank in the first voyage in 1628 and it saved in the middle of the 20th century. It is a museum now. If you want to visit some historical places in Stockholm, you should visit this museum and an old wonderful ship.

2) Stockholm Old Town: this is the oldest part of the city and the interesting place for tourists. It’s full of colored wonderful buildings you can walk through. You can even seat in a café and have a snack or meal. It’s better to visit this place a whole day without any other plan.

3) Stockholm City Hall: it’s one of the most famous buildings of Sweden. This is a place which a lot of tourists visit it annually. 200 people are inhabited there and it is famous for its unique art pieces. It has an amazing view over the water.

4) Botanical Garden: One of the first places on the list to do when you are visiting Gothenburg! You can go to the highest point and enjoy an incredible view.You can see 40 acres and about 12000 species in this garden.  The weather is perfect for walking and you can enjoy the silence in this place. It’s been made by new gardening and agriculture strategies.

5)The Swedish Air Force Museum: this cultural history museum shows the improvement of military equipment from the early 20th century till now. You can find different series of aircrafts. It is not only about the Swedish involvement and development of airplanes but it’s also really informative on the Swedish involvement during the world wars.

6) Fotografiska: This is a place for contemporary photography in Stockholm. This is a popular place not only because of its exhibitions of new modern art but also for the museum's fantastic view and great food.

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