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11 Oct
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To continue with the people wishes for superpowers here is the rest of the list.


Superman is an example for this wish. We all wish that we could have a power that makes us immune against physical attacks or anything that may hurt us.

Superhuman speed With this power you could run long distances in a blink of an eye. Don’t you like to run faster than the fastest animals on earth? Well, maybe it is not your wish but it has been some people’s, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on our list.

Knowing all different languages

With this wish wherever you go, you won’t have any problem understanding people. No classes, no hard times to study or memorizing lots of words or hard grammar. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Wall-crawling Believe it or not some people like to do wall crawling like Spiderman. Being able to crawl and going up the tallest walls is some people’s wish in life.


This power gives you the ability to know about future. Knowing everything before everybody else and before it happens can be fun and sometimes scary. You could inform people of coming earthquakes or any other sudden dangers that put people’s lives in danger.

Time manipulation

Some people would really like to turn back the clock. By doing so we can eliminate the moments we hate or dislike and make them disappear from our lives.

Night vision

People who can’t see clearly at night may wish that they had excellent vision like animals that can see when there is no light at all.

Power mimicry

Have you been to a movie and wished for the role of the hero. We all have some people who are our role models and we would love to be in their places. Power mimicry is a certain skill that people wish to have so that they resemble the person whom they admire.

The list can go on and on. Some of these wishes have become true to some extent but some of them will always remain as a big wish for us.


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