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11 Oct
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If you could wish for a superpower to have what would you choose? We all would like to have some kind of superpower inside of us in order to overcome some powers in the world or desires that we have. Among many wishes and desires for superpowers, the followings are the ones most like by most people.


It is one of the powers that some people wish for.

The places people like to go without being seen or people they want to see without being noticed. It is a favorite desire for us.

Superhuman strength

With having superpower there will be nothing to stop you from anything you would like to do. Winning any wars or matches, breaking the toughest things or lifting cars are just examples.


It is definitely a great feeling if we had the power of healing and could put stop to diseases like cancer or AIDS. It is not only good for ourselves but for others too.

Superhuman endurance

It happens for all of us that we are doing something yet we do not want to stop. Having the desire to have a superhuman endurance make you feel that you could do anything without being even tired. You can run as far as you want, study for a long time or do your chores and housework without getting tired.

Water breathing

It is interesting that some people would love to be able to breathe underwater. Then they could travel under the ocean waters without any oxygen equipment.

Time travel

Do you like to go back where you were before or do you want to travel to the future? Time traveling is a wish of many people who would like to travel in time. some like to travel to past and some like to travel to future.

Flying with wings

Yes nowadays we can fly but some of us like to fly without an airplane or anything hanging to them while flying.


Would you like to read your friend’s mind? Or your spouse’s or any other person for that matter? Yes, many people would like to do so. Reading minds has always been a desire for people.

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