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14 Sep
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Success through happiness and some wishes successful people have

What we think about when we think money and rich people can vary, but for the most part, we all have the same general perspective regarding success. We all think that rich people, who we consider successful, have different sets of worries than we do, which is to say they have moved past some of the common concerns we regular folks deal with. However, once we take a look at the inner desires and challenges of rich people, we figure the truth fast and easy. The truth is that despite all the money and privileges rich individuals enjoy, there are still some of the same elements they like more of or regret not having, which are the same things we like to have ourselves. In order to know what they are, we look at some of the most common ones. In general, regret is a natural human reaction and no one is immune, so rich people are no different. Take a look at just how similar these wishes are compared to those of regular working class folks:
The number one regret for all successful people is that they wish they could take charge of their own lives and determine goals earlier in life. This is an unusual wish considering that we see successful people as those who have done this better than most people. However, when we look at what it is that successful people really wish they could do earlier, we realize that working towards well set goals and not wasting time doing them happens to be of great significance. On the other hand, reality moves fast and things do not stay the same, so how can anyone know what to do when reacting to circumstances is the only thing that can be done?
Heath is one of the top wishes for successful people. The bottom line to success and achievements is sacrifice and health inevitably becomes something to sacrifice for the greater good. This means, getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and getting proper exercise become secondary for most successful individuals, as they dedicate more and more of their energy, focus and time on getting work done instead of taking care of themselves.
No matter whom people are and what they do better than others when it comes to love and attention, no one is immune. This means true happiness is felt by being around others and no amount of money and power can actually provide that crucial fuel we all need to thrive and grow. This is self-care for the sole and vital for personal development, not to mention a fulfilling life. After all, what is success good for it you can’t share it with the ones you love?
No matter how great and fulfilling one’s goals and accomplishments are, having fun is the most serious of all the things that are needed for a successful life to be called that. The fact of the matter is that joy and passion keep the sole young and remind us of the absolute lack of seriousness life holds. So when we go too deep into uncompromising modes, the more we need to feel joy and fun. That is because smiling and laughing are the elements that come from passion and in turn, passion keeps everything together. Successful folks need all of these just like everyone else and, at the end of the day, this is what keeps the engine of success running smoothly.
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