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19 Mar
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What is the exact meaning of the word “Fashion”?

There are a lot of different ideas and also answers to this question. The Dictionary based meaning is a phrase like “style of dress”, but if you ask teenagers or young people or even fashion students or models, you’ll get another different series of answer like: “It’s a kind of art”, “It’s the thing which shows who you are” and … .

Every day we are involved with fashion and the dress you choose to wear is strongly related to your mood that day.

Fashion reveals your personality by the style and colors you choose to wear. You don’t have to follow every recent Fashion to be fashionable; you should just follow your style based on your specific personality. Fashion bloggers always advice to choose the style you feel comfortable with so you’ll feel happier and more relaxed and even more confident.

The question is who dictates Fashion?

 Changes are so depended on the movies, music and TV series; it’s always changing by time and it’s also affected by people thoughts and ideas (Technology, Politics, Science are also effective), actually we can consider it as a cycle; Fashion decides what actors should wear and so they decide what people should wear unconsciously!

The other effective Factors are climate, age, skin tone, and religion.

There’s the name of some different fashion style:

Trendy (refers to someone who is always up-to-date and always follows latest Fashion)

Casual (This style refers to who picks normal but modern clothes from shelves.)

Exotic (someone who is interested in clothes which nobody has to wear it in the world, they usually use vibrant colors, many pieces of jewelry and mysterious pieces)

Preppy (It’s inspired by college styles; they always wear girly blouses, skirts, and tights.)

Girl Next Door (This style focuses on simplicity and cuteness and doesn’t pay attention to the latest fashion. It’s been always a striped tee, shorts, and tennis shoes.)

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