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23 Apr
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in this article, we are going to know a little bit about studying in China. If you want to discuss which country is better to continue your education this article will be helpful. China’s modern universities have been established in the late 19th and early 20th century but the history of education in China dates back to 7th century. The increasing population of China has caused a big society of students in this country and every year too many international students travel to this country. Currently, more than 300 thousands of students from all over the world are educating in China. A large number of undergraduate and postgraduate majors in Chinese universities are offering in English, so you have to get an English language certification in order to study in this country.

In 2012, China is ranked fifth as America’s favorite nation.China, America is the country where many international students are educating.  The Website has announced that in 2012, about 320000 international students choose China for education. This figure shows an increase of 55000 people compared to 2010.

China government intends to increase this rate to 500000 students by the year 202. The Chinese government has provided various scholarships to encourage international students to study in China and increase the academic load of higher education institutions. For example, 1087 scholarships were awarded to students from 27 European countries in 2013.

One of the most famous Chinese universities in the field of medicine is Zhejiang University. It's of the most famous universities in the world which its ranking on the QS list of the world is 165, and 25 in Asia.

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