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26 Aug
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The number of students willing to study abroad is increasing. What are the best countries to go in 2017? The following countries are suggested.


As everybody knows Italy is a historical country and with its amazing food and beautiful art can be a good destination for students to study.

Study abroad programs in Italy have a unique blend of Italian cultural studies and courses in a variety of majors from business to fine arts. Most programs require little to no Italian language study, making Italy accessible to students.


Spain has historic festivals, siestas, and flamenco dancers. There’s also great hikes all over the country, fabulous beaches for all beach variety types.

Each year thousands of students journey to Spain to learn Spanish and to take classes in international business, European studies, and more.

The diversity of study abroad programs in Spain guarantees housing and classroom conditions right up your personal alley.The people of this country love nothing more than to chat, share food, and soak up the sun.


England is one of those countries that students love to go there. England is very ideal for students because English is spoken everywhere but you should know that the UK is expensive. If cost is a concern, students should look for programs outside of London for more affordable options.


From the dazzling city lights and sights of Paris to the coastal sun and fun of the French Riviera, students love the romanticism of France.

The programs are found in a diverse location with options in either French or English. It’s highly recommended to know some French language even if you have enrolled in English program.


The reasons that students are drawn to Germany are many pleasures of German culture and its world-class education. This is a great place to study business, hard sciences, and German. Inside and outside of the classroom, efficiency is high, so there’s no need to waste time with low technology devices. Again like France knowing some German language doesn’t hurt.


If you like snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or hiking in the outback and explore metropolitan Sydney, then Australia is the place to choose. Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. Here, students can study practically every major, but star topics include business, humanities, and all of the science fields.


Japan with the world’s most high-tech gadgets and sushi offers students a wonderfully rich culture to explore. Take a twirl under the cherry blossom trees and learn the elegant draw of this little archipelago.

Japan is a country of combined modernity and traditional culture. But you have to know it’s an expensive country and you should watch out for your budget. Another thing to mention is to learn at least some of the basics of the Japanese language before crossing the pond.


Students flock to study in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong for the competitive advantage it will bring to their resumes. Outside of the classroom, there are weekend mass migrations to famous sites like the Great Wall or Terracotta Warriors. Because of the difficulty in language, some students may experience culture shock and if you are going to the biggest cities in this country don’t forget to have a spare face mask.


Argentina is an amazing experience from end to end; learning tango in metropolitan Buenos Aires, hiking Patagonia and viewing one of the most expansive waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls. If you get depressed in the classroom, just throw on a pair of hiking boots and point your finger at the next geographic wonder you’d like to tackle. The expansive landscape can be a challenge for anyone wanting to see each part of this beautiful country; focus in on specific areas; so you don’t miss anything.

Costa Rica:

With a balance of Latin American culture and American tourism, the ease of travel is great. If you want to learn Spanish, this is the place.


Next time you want to decide where to go to continue your studies or if anyone asks you, you know where to go.



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