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25 Nov
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1) Stealing Mona Lisa painting( 1911 )

Mona Lisa painting, the most famous portrait of a woman with that fascinating smile which has been painted by Leonardo Da Vinci was stolen by a young Italian guy named Vincenzo Peruggia. He entered the Louvre museum dressed like the museum staffs and hid the painting under his uniform. According to the report of an artwork merchant, the painting was found in 1913 and the theft was arrested.

2) Stealing Van Gogh’s artworks

A man hid in the toilet at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam In 1991 and stole about 20 of this great artist’s paintings with the help of the museum’s guard. After just one hour police found the painting in the car that thefts used to run, and they brought them back to the museum. After a couple of months, police arrested the thefts.

3) Stealing the Austrian famous painters’ artworks

71 paintings by Austrian famous painters such as Oscars Kokoschka were stolen from a villa in Vienna in 2014. A prize of 250000 Euro is been placed for returning these paintings.

4) The biggest steal of artworks in Europe

In 2008 in the biggest steal of Europe, 4 expensive painting worth £180000000 was stolen from Emil Georg Buell Foundation in Zurich. Those were the artworks of Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Van Gogh and Claude Monet and they all were found. Interestingly, two of them were found in the parking of a psychiatric hospital.

5) Stealing the pirate’s skull

Stealing the pirate named Klaus Störtebeker’s skull from the Hamburg Museum of history made everyone surprised. The thieves declared that as a joke. This skull was returned to the museum a year later and people were allowed to freely visit the museum.

6) Stealing the famous Paul Cezanne’s painting

When the New Year and the beginning of a new century were taking place in Europe the ceiling window of Oxford museum was broken. The theft threw a smoke grenade into the hall to blind the cameras and went down the rope from the ceiling. This is not a movie scene; it’s the story of stealing the famous Paul Cezanne’s painting worth 3million pound. There has been no trace of the painting until now! 

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