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29 Oct
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Starting a successful business is not easy; actually, Entrepreneurship is not categorized under the safe jobs. Everybody is involved in risking either in the daily life or their career, the point is being prepared and planned! If you have predicted every situation you have actually reduced the number of risks.

You can’t put every idea in action, so you have to conduct a comprehensive ideas-analyzing plan in order to start a successful business.

Ideologists should make sure that their design succeeds as far as possible before implementing their ideas, there are some ways to make sure:

1) Do you have any competitor?

Unlike public opinion, you should have a competitor in your specialty field. Imagine a field without any competitor, there are 2 guesses: this is a new business and nobody knows about it or the other guess is that you have not completely studied the market and there are some unsuccessful experiences based on the same ideas you’re working on.

Being the first person to start a specific business is not a bad thing, the only problem is that there is no way to learn about past experiences, also competing with a lot of people has its own problems and you have to try more.

So it’s better to choose a field that you’re interested in and also you have competitors.

2)Do your competitors have a high income?

After reviewing your competitors, you should check that if they have customers and high income or not? This step shows you if it’s worth to spend time on or not? There are a few ways to find out, you can visit their websites, and you can search for their products popularity in the market. Then you can decide based on these research.

3) Can I offer my products or services in a better or different way?

This is the last step; you have found the competitors and also knew about the income and customers. Now it’s the time to answer the main question!

You should be able to present your services in a unique way. In order to encourage the customers to visit your business, you should plan for a new and unique way to persuade them to buy your products. This is called Unique Sales Proposition or USP.

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