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4 Nov
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The American company of Starbucks is the owner of the biggest chain coffee shops in the world. The founders were 3 friends who launched the first branch selling coffee beans in 1971. Then a guy named Howard Schultz bought this brand’s patent and tried to change the mood into Italian style. There are 24000 branches of Starbucks all around the world.

 Howard who is now the company’s chairman, step inside this coffee shop for the first time in 1981, then a year later he was one of the company partners and a marketer. He traveled to Italy to know about the secret of Italian coffees. Actually, he intended to enter Italian coffee shops’ culture to American culture.

The goal was to provide a place instead of your home and your workplace in order to gather together and have fun.

The first airport’s branch launched in Seattle in 1991.

Starbucks provides different kinds of products and drinks either in coffee shops or in the customer’s home. Its famous logo is a mermaid called “Siren”, based on old Greek fictions this mermaid used to conceive sailors and make them drowned in the sea, so the founders used this logo to attract customers from all over the world.

The logo changed after the partnership with Howard and took the form of a business logo, the colors being used in this logo is now green, black and white and 2 stars have been added to the logo.

Starbucks launched the instant coffee line in 2009. In order to introduce this new product, they invited people to attend a challenge to recognize the instant coffee from brew coffee. In this challenge people were given 2 cups of coffees, one of them was instant coffee and the other was brew coffee, most of the people couldn’t recognize the differences.

Some of the analyzers believe that instant coffees have demoted the value of Starbucks. 

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