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18 Feb
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From the four seasons in nature spring is the one that makes people feel alive again. Spring makes people have a better mood and feel happier and here is why it happens.


Being outside more

The weather in spring is mild and wonderful and because of this, we feel to do most of our activities outside. Being outside and having more sun makes us be more cheerful and happy. If we have a yard we can have our breakfast outside now instead of sitting at the kitchen table.


Effect of nature

While we like to have most of our activities outside then we shouldn’t forget about the effect of nature on us. Not only the sun has a good effect on us but also other things like birds singing, the sound of flowing springs and rivers, trees and flowers blossoming, the breezing wind and etc…all of them make us feel fresh and in good mood.


The longer our day, the better we feel

We know from now on the long nights are getting finished and longer days are coming. It means we can have more time for our outdoor activities. We will have more energy to stay awake and do some more and extra things to bring our life out of boredom.


Creative thoughts

A research has shown that when we are in the better mood and happy our mind works better too and we will be more creative.


Exercise more

People will start walking or jogging more outside, therefore, you will be healthier. Excitement is in the air and people would like to be more energetic.


In general, spring is the start of life for humans and animals. The sun is out, birds are happy and singing, flowers are blossoming and animals are waking up from winter sleep. So, don’t miss the joy of life and start it with most people’s favorite season “spring”.


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