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26 Dec
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Astronavigation is a kind of traveling which there is no guarantee of possible conditions that may arise. Some people may think that an astronaut enters to the spacecraft and then every equipment is available and every movement is under control, yes that’s right! But if only a wire gets damaged no one can do anything about it. So traveling in space is a too dangerous job which fits who takes a lot of risks.

Every launch takes place from earth to space, from the first moment of tightening a screw is a new step for adventurers. For example, as long as no astronaut had left the earth no one knew that it’s round shape. But now everyone knows.

There are a lot of difficulties in traveling to space, every decision of the experts; any change in the spiritual and physical conditions of the astronauts can bring a new history of cosmology. For example, during the time of launching the first space station of the world, the doctors recognized that one of the three servants was ill so they replaced an engineer. But two days before launching, the engineer said that he’s not ready for this travel and the replacement group started the travel.

Another thing that happened in the space adventures was the astronaut, who was dreaming of going to space but he couldn’t for several times. Why? Vladimir Titov was replaced with a cosmonaut and engineer a few hours before launching because there was a problem in the station and the thing needed was an engineer. That was how he left out of his first space travel. A few years later Titov was re-elected as the astronaut, he was counting down the time to launch, but it didn’t happen! Everything was ready but a few seconds after launching the missile, the rescue unit removed the manned section because of serious problems happened for the missile. 

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