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8 Nov
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Souvenirs are the things we buy for our loved ones when we travel and go away. It’s a way of saying that we were thinking of them. But sometimes we don’t know what to buy or choosing something is hard for us.

Here are some suggestions that you will not regret.


Edible items

Buying something edible is always a good choice because each city or country has its own unique food or edible stuff that is good to share with our dear ones. They are packed in nice packages and can be given as a souvenir to others.

Chocolates, cheese, candies are some examples.


Flavors and Spices

Flavors and spices are the items that usually don’t get expired very soon and can be kept for a long time. Each place that you go has its own special spice or flavor so why not take some of them with you. Zafaran, for example, is a good souvenir from Iran.


Local costumes

Spending time in local markets or bazaars is a great and fun way when you go traveling. In these local markets, you can find some local clothes that can be fun to choose and give away as a gift to your friends. By doing so you take a piece of a culture of the place with you and introduce it to others.



Soaps are good items to be given away as a gift. Most of them have good odors and are packed in nice shapes or colors. If you don’t know exactly about your loved one’s tastes, then soaps can be a perfect choice.



Another desirable item as a souvenir is accessories. There are many different and colorful accessories that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if they are men or women these days the accessories are found for both.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets along with scarves or belts are just a few options that can help you out.



Books are the ones that you should be careful about. If you are sure that your loved ones like books, then there are books with nice pictures. Choose them and be sure that they will like it.


We all love having souvenirs from the lands that are far from us. it is like we have been there too.


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