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23 Dec
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One of the best thing about traveling is that you get to know other cultures and another good thing about it is to share them with your loved ones back home.

One way of sharing the new culture and customs is by buying souvenirs.

But do you know what to buy from the place you go in order to share that place tradition?

In the following text, we tell you about the things that you can buy to make your loved ones happy.



The country has its own beauties and attractions but the things that you can buy are numerous. The country has its own brands and kitchenware, bags, shoes, and clothes are the ones that you can choose from. The brand for clothes is H&M and for perfume, Hugo is the one.

Other items that are good to choose from are crystals and things that are used for cooking and baking cakes.



This country has its special attractions and is a very good place for tourists from all over the world. The two cities that are more attractive from other places in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid: The city is famous for football and music. China statues and special pearls along with leather clothes and shoes and bags are the items that can be chosen for souvenirs.

Barcelona: The city with its special climate is a good place to grow olives, especially black olives. Be sure to have some when you go there and take some with you or its oil for your loved ones. As you may know, black olives are very beneficial for our health system and many diseases can be prevented by using and eating the product.


The two famous brands Zara and Mango are originated from this country.

Zara was first founded in 1975 and it sells shoes, clothes, and accessories with numerous branches around the world.

Mango also was founded in 1955 and it sells women clothing with more than 1000 branches throughout the world.

Shopping from these two brands also can be a good choice to buy gifts for your loved ones back home. 

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