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23 Jul
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Some general problems of learning English in class

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There are some common problems with learning English in class that can only be solved by individual learning techniques such as online teaching. These problems are common no matter where English is taught and who teaches it. For this reason we will look at some of the common problems that repeat themselves when we learn English through teachers and along with other students. The most common problem in learning English through classes is the fact of showing up for them in the first place.
Given that most of us have to create time in our busy schedules, for what is usually a few hours per week, live classes simply become unworthy altogether. Leave alone the facts of life such as timing and traffic. Another problem with live weekly classes is that people who attend them speak in their own primary languages in class and that can be a disadvantage when an English environment is necessary. One important disadvantage of attending classes at location is the fact that when people come together like that, they tend to dominate the time that is allocated to class and learning. So you end up sitting in class for other people and the time you have paid for does not only belong to you and is actually shared with others. So if an hour class holds 10 individuals, then each person has around 6 minutes of personal time with the teacher, which as we say in English, beats the intended purpose. Another related factor is one student dominating the class by asking the teacher to spend most of his/her time on his or her questions and problems. There is another good reason why learning English online is better than attending classes at location and that is the fact of dependency. As it happens, teachers tend to make students dependent on themselves for learning. This disables actual learning as it needs independent effort. This also gives way to another factor, which is lack of motivation. When students do not solve their own problems, they become impatient and start playing with their computers or smartphones instead of learning. This breaks concentration and creates distraction. Finally, when classes are organized, so are home works and when that happens then students may not complete them at all. This sets the class back as the teacher begins to struggle with general assignments that keep student following the same momentum. So usually what happens is people falling behind and getting ahead. This causes people to be all over the place. Thus, students cannot learn from each other as they are dealing with individualized problems. Therefore, going to class may come natural as this is what all of us have been doing our entire lives, but have in mind that technology is here to solve our traditional issues and individualize learning.
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