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21 Nov
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What are falling stars? Have you ever wished upon stars? Have you ever waited for that shooting star to pass your sky and enjoy the scene? Have you ever wondered where they come from? Here is your answer.

Falling or shooting stars are not stars at all. They are meteors or solid bodies that travel through space. Most meteors burn up when entering the earth’s atmosphere. If they do land successfully then they are called meteorites. They usually travel together and make a beautiful shower that if you wish upon them it is said that your wishes will come true. The meteor storms happen every 33 years.


What happens if the gravity on earth was suddenly turned off?

Now that we are sitting or standing on Earth everything seems all right and fine, right? And you know as normal as it may seem we are spinning along with the Earth around a circle but we absolutely don’t understand it. what if for a second the spinning stops? What happens to us and all the things around us? Imagine you spin something around your head on a string and suddenly let it go everything with it would fly off in a straight line. This is what will happen to the earth if the gravity is suddenly turned off. Everything that is not rooted in the earth will fly off the earth on a straight line. But trees or buildings that are rooted in the Earth, wouldn’t find it easy to fly off.

Therefore, try to enjoy the gravity and spinning around because if it stops a disaster happens.


what would happen if there was no dust?

If you hate cleaning your house, then you would probably say that it would be wonderful if there was no dust. We all like to live in a place that is free of dust and clean enough to enjoy. But the truth is without dust there would be less rainfall and sunsets would be less beautiful. When water molecules in the air collect around the particles of dust they become heavy and then they move upper to the sky to form the rainfall. If the dust doesn’t exist, the procedure would happen slower and we will have less rainfall.

Also, the beauty of the sunset or the sunrise happens when the dust and water molecules in the air reflect the rays of the sun. Again if the dust is no longer there then the beauty will not happen.

So, you see the dust is not always bad to be around.


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