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11 Jan
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Sports have different features, some are related to sky and air, some are related to ground and some are related to water and swimming.

From the ones that are related to the water, we can talk about snorkeling. In the following article, we have some information about this enjoying and refreshing sport.


What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a sport that is related to swimming in water and enjoying the life that exists under it, but many people think that is diving. Actually, diving is different from snorkeling in many ways.

The swimmer in diving goes deep into the water and for doing so oxygen capsule and special kind of dressing are needed. But for snorkeling, because it is done on the surface of the water, therefore, no special wearing or oxygen capsule is needed.

Also, all the people of any age can do snorkeling because it doesn’t need that much of physical activity.

But in diving people with certain age are allowed to do the sport.


What is needed for snorkeling?

The only thing that you need for the sport is a plastic tube that is flexible and one end goes to the swimmer’s mouth and the other end is outside of water in order to get oxygen from the air.

Because of its simplicity if you know how to swim then it is easy to learn how to use the tube for oxygen. Therefore, it doesn’t need any special training and wherever you go to do the sport there are some people to teach you how to do it.

If it is your first time to do the snorkeling, then make sure that you get help from someone that has done it before.


Snorkeling is a very joyful sport and at the same time that you enjoy swimming, you can also enjoy watching the sea life that is down there in different colors.


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