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6 Jan
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Exam times are the times that most students are anxious and nervous about the tests and their regular lifestyle is different at the time.

How can students stay awake to study for their exams? In the following text, we give you some hints to use during the stressful time of exams.


Have a sleep schedule

First, decide how much time you need to sleep and add half an hour to it. The half an hour is very important because you have to count the time you need to brush your teeth and get ready to go.


Be careful about your eating

Don’t eat a big meal late at night and don’t keep your stomach empty either. There are some certain foods that help you go to sleep faster, such as turkey,

Bananas, milk or walnuts. Know about those foods and avoid having them.

Have your dinner before 7 pm and if you get hungry late at night have a light snack.


Limit the intake of caffeine

Most people think that the more coffee they have the easier they stay awake. Well, it’s not true. After 3 am don’t drink anything that has caffeine and it is not just about coffee because there are other things that have caffeine such as chocolate, tea or fizzy drinks.


Your bedroom should be a place for rest

Don’t have the items that distract you in your bedroom. For example, don’t check your email or check your messages constantly in bed. Instead, read a book and try to get your eyes tired and go to sleep.


Clear your head to sleep

When you decide to sleep don’t take your problems to bed with you. By thinking about your problems you are not going to find the solutions in the morning. Just empty your mind and sleep tight and wait for the next day to come and then cope with your problems.


Although studying is essential for the students to pass their tests successfully, try to manage your time somehow that you don’t have to stay awake or late at the night of your exams.

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