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19 Feb
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Shyness is one of those characters that can hold us back from our society and the times that we should be there to act our shyness prevents us and as the result, we lose our rights. If you are a shy person you should know that you are not alone and research has shown that four out of ten people are shy. The good news is that it can be controlled and overcome. Here are some hints for shy people.


Don’t talk about your shyness

There is no need to talk about your weakness because the people who know you already know about your shyness too and the people who don’t may know about it because it cannot be noticed in a short time. Therefore, don’t try to show it or talk about it.


Keep it cool

If you are in a place where people are talking about your shyness, then with a controlled tone of voice try to speak up and don’t let them think low of you.


Don’t label yourself

Never let people use the label “shy” for you. Just believe in yourself and try to think and make others understood that you are one of a kind and a unique individual.


Know about your strong points

Although shyness is not a very strong point in our personality there are other good points there to think about. Make a list of all your strengths and make yourself believed that if on one side you are not very successful there are other fields that you act strongly.


Avoid teases

There are always some people around who make fun of others and if you have one of those around you who teases you with your shyness then stay away from them so their brutality doesn’t hurt you.


Overcome your shyness

There are some ways to overcome your shyness. Make a list of the people or situations or places that you don’t feel comfortable about and try to find a way to overcome your feelings and if you cannot do it alone then ask a professional for help but don’t let it stay in you.


Sometimes shyness little by little changes to a feeling of confidence in us because of the different experiences that we have in our lives. But if as you are aging and the problem still stays there then do something about it.

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