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1 Jan
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Shopping has always been fun for most people especially for women but recently instead of wandering in the shopping malls there is another way to shop from and it is shopping online.

But like everything else it needs its own way of doing to be safe and useful.

Here we tell you what things are good to buy online and what things are not so good to buy.


Good things to buy

One of the things that are good to buy online is a laptop computer. In general, not only a laptop but any electrical devices are good to be bought online.

Another item that is good to buy is diapers. They are usually offered at lower prices.

Shoes are another item that can be on the list. You may be surprised because we usually prefer to try the shoes on before buying but the discounted prices on the net are unbelievable.

Like shoes, buying glasses online might seem like a risky proposition. But the savings can be remarkable. Shelton said it’s possible to order glasses for less than $10 and bifocals for less than $30 online

Coffee pods are another one that can be bought online with almost half the price that they are sold on the shelves in shops. So, why not buy them online for half price.


Bad things to buy

Flowers are not good bargains on the net. It’s better to go directly to a florist or a flower shop and order exactly what you want and how you want it without paying for the middleman.

Furniture is another bad item to order because you cannot be sure about the quality or the color that you see online and if you don’t like it then returning it back can cost you more. The same thing is true with large appliances. Although there are great discounts for appliances online and delivery often is free, the same discounts and delivery offer usually apply in stores as well. Aside from saving some time driving to a store, there’s no advantage to buying an appliance online.

It’s good to search for the price of cars before actually buying one but never buy a car online because it is important to test and drive the car before you buy it.


These are just some suggestions and it depends on you to decide what other items are good or not so good to buy online.


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