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20 May
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Are you interested in learning English while you’re wearing pajamas?

What if you love learning English but you don’t have enough time for exercises? Or, what if the nearest institute to your home is expensive? You may be worried about your speaking skill as you have nobody to work with. Learning English is not always about carrying English book to an institute and come back, there are a lot of available comprehensive sources which show you the right way to learn English.

1) Watch TV: Our suggestion is these two programs:

-The Simpsons: We all know about the Simpsons, who don’t? It’s an old comedian animation which is internationally popular and shows us the up and downs of an American Family. It’s not only funny and educational, but it’s also about learning idioms.

- The Friends: you have heard about this popular American series which is about the life of 6 friends living in Manhattan. The language of the characters in this program is informal and understandable, so if you intend to learn the way natives speak you should watch this.

2) Write a diary book or a weblog in the English language.

Writing is an easy and innovative exercise, especially writing a diary book or English weblog is the best way of regular writing exercises. Writing improves your grammar and spoken English.

3) Attend to Online English learning classes.

Many of the online English institutes provide educational sources and packages which are cheaper than usual English institutes. You only need a high-speed internet.

4)Listen to radio

As radio and TV programs are available online. You can improve your listening skill where ever you are. While you’re washing dishes or you’re on train or bus you can learn English.


Reading books is not only about improving your reading but it could be also a part of your free time activities. If you’re interested in real literature, you may want to read famous people biographies. A good example is the STEVE JOBS biography written by Walter Isaacson, including advanced words and quotes.

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