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15 Feb
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Secrets are fun to know about, even telling a secret for a person is a soothing feeling for the individual. But keeping a secret for some people is hard.

Here we let you know how to keep a secret.


Know how serious is the secret

If someone comes to you to tell a secret, then decide first how big or serious it is and then start listening. Because sometimes keeping a big secret may hurt many others.


Ask how long the secret should be kept hidden

If you know how long you should close your mouth, then it is much better to keep the secret. Sometimes it is just needed to be kept as a secret for a certain time and no longer from a certain period. On the other hand, some should be kept forever.


Find out if you are allowed to tell anyone else

When you are told the secret, ask if it is okay to tell anyone else, like your sibling or a partner/spouse.

Asking if it is okay to tell can help you avoid an uncomfortable situation in which the person is upset with you.

If you know you will tell someone, like a spouse, be upfront with that information and warn the person that you are going to tell someone else. You may want to warn them about this before they tell you the secret.


Stop the person from telling you a secret

If you know that you are really bad about keeping secrets, tell the person not to tell you the secret.

The person will appreciate your honesty and still has the option of telling you, knowing that you may tell someone else.

Suggest that the person tell you the secret right before they tell other people, so you do not have to keep the secret very long.

Some studies have shown that keeping a secret puts undue stress on a person. If you wish to avoid added stress, just say no to secrets.

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