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13 Nov
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Scotland is a country that attracts many tourists every year because it has breathtaking sceneries, historical places, and wonderful foods. Here are just some of the most delicious food in this country that you should try if you go there.



Scotland is famous for the best quality of oats. They have been a very good source of nutrition for the people during drought. Porridge has been eaten for thousand years because the residue of this food has been found in the graves relating to those years. The food is so popular and loved by the people that even poets have written a poem for it.



Bannock is the name of some bread in Scotland that is made from oat or wheat and smells wonderful. It is usually eaten with jam and tea and is considered a good snack for the afternoon tea.


Cullen skink

Cullen skink is a soup that was made first in the city with the same name and skink means a soup that is made with meat. To make the soup smoked fish, onion and potatoes are used. By just having one bowl of the soup in winter you will not feel the cold anymore. To try the soup, you should drive directly to the Cullen city and enjoy the taste.


Lorne Sausage

In Scotland, the Lorne sausage is used for breakfast and it is a very fresh and delicious meat. The sausage is cut into cubical pieces and then some dried bread is added to keep the crispiness and at the end, some grated cheese is added.


Arbroath Smokie

The food has a very interesting background for its history. It is said that one night the fish shop was on fire and the fish barrel burns in the fire too. The owner of the shop tastes the smoked fish and realizes that they taste very good and he decided to make them that way. That is how the Arbroath smokies were made.



The food has a strange name but it has a very simple way of cooking. Just get some cabbage and some potatoes. First, cook the cabbage with some onion and then mix it with mashed potatoes. After it’s done add some grated cheese to it and then it’s ready to be served along with another food like meat.


Crappit heid

This is a very special food in Scotland. The fisherman in the North Sea used the useless part of the fish and cooked it with sea water. Thereafter it became a special food for other people. Fish head is usually used to make this food.


So, next time if you travel to Scotland make sure to try one of the foods mentioned above.

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