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3 Dec
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Who is Santa Claus?

He is an old man with a long beard who brings gifts and presents for children and the poor during Christmas holiday. He is the symbol of Christmas. A symbol of generosity and joy for everybody.

The origin of this lovely old man goes back to a Saint man in ancient time who helped the poor.

Santa has a slay that is ridden by dears and comes from the sky and goes down the chimneys at night to put the presents under the decorated pine trees.

During Christmas time there are many people pretending to be Santa to give the people spirit of Christmas. They appear in shopping malls and children take pictures with them. Children sit on his lap and ask him for something or in other words they wish for something. Santa usually tries to make their wishes true.

Sometimes, Santa goes to hospitals to be with sick children. He gives them gifts to make them happy.

Family members usually put socks on a fireplace and Santa puts the gifts inside them.

All the things about Santa have an original story. From the way, he looks to the way he wears his clothes. The way he welcomes children by saying ho ho ho…

The way he rides and he goes down the chimneys, or the way children make a connection with him, all have an ancient story. We are not going to talk about all of them but we can say that Santa is the only model that symbolizes peace and mercy on earth.

Generosity, making others happy, caring about other’s wishes especially children are the things that Santa brings with himself each year and makes many people happy throughout the world.

Hope this year Santa makes your wishes come true. He is not only for kids but many adults believe in him too. so start making wishes because Santa is around the corner.

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