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21 Jan
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Most of us can’t imagine the food table without salad. Salads are prepared in a variety of ways and with various foodstuffs. It’s a delicious food that can help you keep your health. This article refers to the healing properties of salad ingredients.

Recent studies show that salads and vegetables play a significant role in relaxing nerves and enhance neuronal veins.

Spices like mustard, pepper, olive, garlic and garlic powder strength the nerves and increases blood circulation in your body. Adding them to a salad can be so effective especially for women.You may use olive beside your salad. You should know that this kind of olive is non- saturated and is necessary for body processes. This also prolongs your life.

Studies have shown that consuming fruits and vegetables and olive is the main factor of prolonging life length. This is completely obvious among residents around the Mediterranean (such as Italian people).

Fruits and vegetables are necessary for being healthy. There is plenty of scientific evidence which indicates that the inclusion of adequate fruit and vegetables in your diet will lead to the overall health of your body. Who consumes more vegetables have more antioxidants in their body.

Anti-oxidants protect you from dangerous molecules which are called free radicals. There is also a relation between consuming a lot of fruits/ vegetables and decreasing the chance of a lot of diseases such as cancer.

A salad is full of fibers. You may hardly believe that this substance is never absorbed by our body. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of fiber. If you contain a lot of fiber materials in your diet, it will help to reduce cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis. For the reason, doctors recommend that your salad will be more healthy with balsamic and vinegar.

The main reason to eat salads for who are looking for losing weight is salads are full of fibers and it makes you not feel hungry so you lose weight.

As salad sauces contain a lot of fat and calories, it’s better not to eat salad and sauce. Instead, you should add to its ingredients.  Interestingly, some studies suggest that taking 3 meals of salad with 100 calories of energy can reduce the calories of eating mail meals by up to 55 percent.

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