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27 Feb
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Most people don’t have a problem with running during spring or summer time. The weather is nice and you can go jogging. But what about late in autumn or in winter. Some people have a problem with the cold weather and may not go for walking or jogging.

Here are some hints for you to cope with the cold and still go for jogging.


Have a proper warm-up

It is cold and your muscles may not be ready for the exercise when you go out. Therefore, before starting your jogging it’s better to have a suitable warm up.

Try a mix of simple exercises (for instance, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and skipping in place) and short stretching exercises for the major muscle groups. Five to ten minutes is more than enough to get you ready and prevent a “cold start”.


Don’t forget to have fluids

Even though you feel less thirsty in winter, your body still loses liquid when you run. Plus, the dry, warm air inside tends to lead to increased dehydration. Especially for longer runs, you should make sure to drink a steady supply of liquids, just like in summer. After your workout, try drinking a cup of warm tea or warm juice.


Go slow

Remember that in winter, your body’s primary concern is not your workout, but keeping your muscles, and more importantly, your hands, feet and head warm. Thus, it has to work twice as hard as usual. Any additional, intense training stimulus in the cold might place too much strain on your body and your immune system and fail to achieve the desired effect.


You burn more calories in winter

It’s true that your body needs about two percent more energy in cold temperatures to keep you warm. But it can make up for this increased demand on its own – for instance, one night when you are a little hungrier than usual.


Dress wisely

Make sure to wear a cap, gloves, and thick socks. Most of your body heat is lost through your head. The extremities, which are farthest away from the heart, get colder faster. To protect these, wear specially designed gloves or caps made of functional fabric. This breathable fabric absorbs the moisture, so your hands and head stay warm and dry.


The bottom line is that you need to exercise and jog every day no matter what the season is. You only need to know how to do it correctly.

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