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2 Jan
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Rubix cube is a mechanical puzzle which has been invented by a Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor. The original name is the magic cube which is named by the inventor.

The name changed to “Rubix Cube” in honor of its inventor in 1980. It won the award of the best puzzle of the world in Germany and it’s said to be the best-selling toy in the word with 350000000.

There are 6 faces in the Rubix cube and each of the faces has 9 parts with different colors. So it has 6 different colors (white, yellow, orange, red, blue and green). It’s said that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different possibilities to set this cube.

The pivot mechanism of this puzzle provides this possibility to disassemble every face separately. The aim is to put every single color together in each face.

Professor Erno rubic, the inventor of this magic cube was born on 13th July 1944, a year before the end of world war two, in Budapest.

His father was a flight engineer and his mother was a poet an artist. He is graduated from the Budapest technical university (Architectural engineering). He holds a master’s degree in sculpture and interior architecture (1967) and was the professor of the applied industries art academy from the last years of 1960 decade.

At that time he was the third-grade instructor of the academy and was working on three-dimensional models and designs in his free time. Eventually, he finished making the first sample of his cube in 1974.

Almost a year later he asked for a patent from the invention department of Hungary. Rubic professor which is famous because of that universal innovation spent most of his time on architecture studies in 1971-1975.

In the following years, the cube was expanded and other models are created. For example 2*2*2* (pocket cube, mini cube or ice cube), 3*3*3 (standard cube), 4*4*4 (Master cube) and 5*5*5 (Professors cube).

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