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19 Dec
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The new year is at the corner and each new year brings another hope for us to have something new in our lives. Do you believe in resolutions? Do you make one and really do it even when some time passes by?

Here are some resolutions for you to choose from and start your new year by doing one of them.



Decide to have some time for yourself to meditate in your life. Meditation has many advantages for you mentally and physically. It reduces anxiety, stress and increases brain’s activity. In general, meditation can be a great help for you.


Learn something new

Every day is a good opportunity to learn something new. The net can be a great help for you. Go to the sites that can teach you something. Learning something every day gives you a better feeling about yourself.


Have a new hobby

Hobbies help you to reduce stress and give you some ideas of how to spend your time in a great way.

If you don’t know how to find a new hobby you can go 16 hobbies that will improve your quality of life.


Watch your weight

If you need to lose weight New Year is the best time to start and make a resolution to lose weight in order to have a fit body. Have fewer calories and exercise more to be in a better shape.


Job plan

If you are not satisfied with your job, then it’s a good time to have a plan to look for a better and more satisfying job. Write your plan on a paper and once you do that then you have a better and more organized idea of what to do. Then follow your steps to get to what you want.


Read more books

Instead of sitting all day long and use the net try to read a book. Reading book gives you more knowledge. Decide to read a book each month and if you don’t know what to read there are sites that introduce good books and you can choose from their list.


Spend more time in nature

Being in nature is very beneficial. First, you get the quiet and peace that you don’t have during a week of working in a city. Second, you can enjoy the wildlife and decrease your stress and anxiety that may be present in you.


It’s a new year and gives something new to yourself and your life to have more energy to start it.


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