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29 Oct
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If you are an international student who would like to study in America, then you should know the steps needed to be taken before actually going to the university.


The first thing that the University of your concern wants from you is your education documents translating to the English language. Also, you should submit a financial support to prove that throughout your study years you will have no problem for your living there.

When your documents are received by the university if approved then you will receive a letter from their side to invite you there.

The second step for you is to get your student visa from an American embassy. The type of visa you will receive is F-1 student visa that is valid for the years that you complete your studies.

After your visa is issued then it’s time to head for your destination.


Entrance tests for international students

International students should pass the exams that show their proficiency in the English language. Depending on the university that you have chosen either IELTS is taken or TOEFL. The score that is acceptable for them is also different.

Colleges usually require lesser score comparing to the universities.

Other than English proficiency exams there are other tests that an international student should pass.

One is called SAT.

The SAT consists of multiple-choice questions and an essay that measures the skills you’ve developed in school and your ability to apply those skills. SAT scores help universities make informed admission decisions by providing one indicator of your academic readiness to perform university-level work.

The test includes two sections comprised of three tests: Reading, Math, Writing & Language, plus an optional Essay.

Some schools may require the Essay, so be sure to ask before you take the SAT. Students applying to a four-year undergraduate program at a college or university in the United States may be required to take an admission test such as the SAT.

Another test that may be needed is GRE.

The GRE General Test measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills-skills that have been developed over a long period of time and are not related to a specific field of study but are important overall.

The GRE Subject Tests are achievement tests that measure your knowledge of a particular field of study. Prospective graduate and business school applicants from all around the world who are interested in pursuing a master's, MBA, specialized master's in business or doctoral degree take the GRE General Test. GRE Subject Tests are intended for students who have an undergraduate major or extensive background in one of these six disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.


After passing the exams then you are ready to start your main major as an undergraduate or graduate student.


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