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11 Jan
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Usually, we become upset when people reject us. We start searching for a reason in past to find out what series of events have led us toward this rejection. Let’s read about some solutions to manage this feeling.

1) Accept that feeling

This feeling is a part of our life and also a part of separation. It’s not a pleasant feeling at all but you should accept it before doing anything. Remember that ignoring it won’t be helpful at all.

2) Don’t try too much

When you’re rejected, same nerve cells of your body will be activated as you are in physical pain. Get rid of this feeling is all you want, but remember that you can’t be free rapidly because it has been caused by time. Actually, it’s been rooted in our childhood. You shouldn’t expect it to vanish fast, it’s not logical. Actually, the rejection is not such a feeling to be erased by speaking and reasoning. So, you should be patient.

3) Don’t blame yourself

It could be helpful to review past to know about the mistakes and also to find the main reason. Be careful about getting obsessive! You can’t get anywhere by asking yourself “What was my mistake?”, “How could I stopped it?” Remember that blaming yourself or attacking to your self-valuing emotion make your emotional pain worse and the healing process harder.

4) Spend your time with your beloved person

Every one of us needs to be loved.  When we’re rejected this need becomes unstable. Actually, another pain is added to the pain of separation. In these kinds of situations, not being alone and hanging out with who we love and who value and accept us soothes the emotional pain of rejection. In fact, dealing with every negative emotion such as rejection feeling is a social supporting.

5) Don’t start a new relationship before healing

Sometimes experiencing this feeling is too unbearable that you decide to start a new relationship and protect your emotions. Remember that the more unsuccessful relationship you start, you fail more and reject more!

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