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29 Nov
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Most of the time when we are looking for a job an interview will be scheduled with the employer and as an employee, you should be ready to answer some questions. Those questions will evaluate your personality and qualifications. Knowing the questions and getting ready to answer them properly takes you some steps forward.

Here are some examples of the questions that employers usually ask.


Tell me about yourself.

What do you know about our organization?

Why do you want to work for us?

What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive about it?

Why should we hire you?

What do you look for in a job?

Please give me a definition of the job that you have applied for?

How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?

How long would you stay with us?

Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What's Your opinion?

What is your management style?

Are you a good manager? Can you give me some examples? Do you feel that you have top managerial potential?

What do you look for when You hire people?

Have you ever had to fire people? What were the reasons, and how did you handle the situation?

What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a manager or executive?


What important trends do you see in our industry?

Why are you leaving (did you leave) your present (last) job?

How do you feel about leaving all your benefits to find a new job?

In your current (last) position, what features do (did) you like the most? The least?

What do you think of your boss?

 Why aren't you earning more at your age?

What do you feel this position should pay?

What are your long-range goals?

How successful you've been so far?


These are just examples of the questions that you may be asked. We will consider the answers in the coming articles.


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