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9 Jan
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If you are an international student and want to continue your education in America then you should know that there are many options that you can choose from. In fact, the options are too many that you may be confused in which one to choose from. But all of the universities and colleges in America are either private or public. Let's see what the difference is between the two.


Public universities

As the name implies the public universities in America are under control of government as far as the money issue concerns. The fund is related to the state of the university and is managed by them. For example, UCLA in California is a public university that is under control of the government in the state of California.


Private universities

These universities are managed by some special investors and depending on the states that they are in the regulations and tuition fees differ. For example, George Washington University in Washington DC is an example of a private university.


The difference between the two

Of course, the obvious difference is the price. Private universities are much more expensive than the public ones. For example, if you want to attend a four-year program in a private university you have to spend about 100,000$ but the same program in a public university will cost you much less than that.

Another difference is that public universities have different tuition fees for their students depending on their citizenships. If you are an international student you have to pay a little higher than a citizen student. But private universities don't have this difference and they charge their students with equal amount regardless of their citizenship.


While public universities will cost you less than private ones but it doesn't mean that they are less reputable than the private ones. There are many public universities throughout the US that are very reputable and have a very good quality of science offering to the students.

So, remember as an international student it depends on your decision that what state you want to choose and how much money you can spend for your program. The option is all yours.


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