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27 Dec
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We live in a world full of colors, some we like and some we don’t. Some give us good feelings and some don’t. Because of these different feelings that we get from colors, there is the psychology of colors. The following context is about the matter.



The color gives us different feelings. Authority, strength, and power are the things that we get from black. Also, for clothing black makes us thinner and slimmer. In most cultures, it is a symbol of grief and sorrow.



When we hear the color white we immediately think of something pure and clean. The color hints us about neutrality and peace.



Gray is a mixture of white and black and the same feeling is passed to us. A feeling of neutrality and sometimes feeling down or blue is the impression of this color.



The color is associated with excitement and attention. It is said if you surround yourself with the color red then you will have higher heart rate and get more excited.



Most of the people feel relaxed and comfortable with the color blue. Many bedrooms are blue because it makes you calm and peaceful. Some researchers say that weightlifters can lift heavier weights if they are surrounded in the gyms with blue color.



Where do you see the color? Trees, money, nature. So, it is a sign of growth and maturity. It is the color of peace, harmony, support, and grace. That’s why hospitals use green color to pass the positive effect to the patients.



Cheerful yellow is the color of the sun, associated with laughter, happiness and good times. A person surrounded by yellow feels optimistic because the brain actually releases more serotonin (the feel-good chemical in the brain) when around this color. Yellow can be quickly overpowering if over-used but used sparingly in the just the right place it can be an effective tool in marketing to greater sales. Some shades of yellow are associated with cowardice, but the more golden shades with the promise of better times.



What color were the robes of kings and queens? Yes, they were purple, our most royal color that is associated with wealth, prosperity, rich sophistication. This color stimulates the brain activity used in problem-solving. However, when overused in a common setting it is associated with putting on airs and being artificial. Use purple most carefully to lend an air of mystery, wisdom, and respect. Young adolescent girls are most likely to select nearly all shades of purple as their favorite color.


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