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11 Oct
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Our smartphones are always with us and as the technology improves so do mobiles and their usage. Even their appearance and the covers and accessories that we use for them makes them a fancy gadget for us. We keep a lot of information in our mobiles that can be private to not so much private. Information that we do not want for everybody to see or know about. So, how can we protect it from being stolen? Here are some tips for you to tell you how.


Keep your cell phone near you at all times.

Put it in a place where you can always see it. Don’t leave it on the edge of tables or among other things. Do not leave your mobile attendant. Most of the cell phones are stolen this way. If you are not sure of a place or the people around you never leave your phone unattended.


Do not leave your mobile hanging in your bag where everyone can see it or even on your unclosed palm of your hand. Thieves can easily grab and take it away. Don’t use your phone in unsafe places. We all may go some places that we know are not safe, then try not to use it there. Wait until you get to a safe place and then use it if you have to.


Don’t use Apple earphones or flashy ones. When thieves see you are using Apple earphones or flashy ones then you attract their attention. Try to use cheaper ones for the places you know are not safe enough.


Be careful about the public transportation. They are crowded and thieves can easily find a way in the crowd to get close to you and steal your phone away. Keep your phone somewhere safe until you are off the transportation system.


If not in a safe place don’t tell the time. Thieves usually ask a question about the time to see what kind of smartphones people have. If someone asks you the time use your watch or simply say you don’t know it.


Never leave your phone out of your sight. No matter what you do or where you go never let your phone to be out of your sight. It should always be on the reach and a place where you can see and check it. This is especially when you are in an unfamiliar place and with the people you have no idea about.


Our mobiles nowadays keep a lot of our private life or work information, so it is a must to keep them safe and secure.


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