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11 Oct
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What is Propaganda?




It’s mainly about misleading political information formed by Medias or some specific organized campaigns in order to form public thoughts toward their favorite idea, which is through censorship or making subtle changes in the main information.

Also, they form it in a passionate way by using selective images, sentences or past tragedy events which target the public emotion. It’s usually used by governments which control the information and Medias.

An Example of propaganda which is usual in the election period is advertising against a specific candidate, actually, the rivals try to make up fake information to mislead public thoughts or bring the whole attention to the other candidates.

Most famous propaganda examples happen during the wars, painting evil enemies pictures on city’s wall persuade soldiers and also ordinary people give their lives to their countries.

It’s also used in non-governmental companies, some marketing techniques are too similar to propaganda which try to influence thought toward a specific furniture or service.

Propaganda mostly carries a negative meaning but also it’s used to advertising or sometimes providing positive meaning.

Here are some examples of Propaganda:

The most famous one is the “I Want You” Poster which was published in an illustrated newspaper on July 6, 1916, inviting people to join US Army at beginning of World War I.

Another example is a poster which was showing a father sitting with his children and they were asking him about war, actually, it was intended to target men’s pride and warn them if they don’t join the army, their children will accuse them in the future for not being a supporter.

The other one is a picture with this caption:
“You never know who’s on the wires, be careful what you say.” Warning allied powers about their communication because Germany powers could hear their words through phones or other tools.

Another famous propaganda is “Rosie the Riveter” poster which was the picture of a woman worker who was providing war supplies; the goal was encouraging women to join the war.

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