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17 Jan
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The first thing that makes any presentation look professional is the appearance. The design is the first thing every audience pays attention to and it can become a good or also a bad memory.

Make your slides carefully. Don’t duplicate your content from different sources. It makes your slides look unorganized and confusing while you should make steady appearances which help your audiences concentrate on the main content and also your speech.

It’s better to use a simple layout or even your personal layout. PowerPoint provides series of ordinary layouts and you can also find a lot of free layouts on the internet.

Use a simple and legible font. This may be hard. Try to use a specific series of fonts in your slides even if you’re a designer and make creativity in using different colors or sizes not the font!

Leave enough space for outstanding contents like pictures. Some main content should be highlighted so be careful not to lose the main contents in a distracting background.

Be steady and harmonize the colors you’re using. This is where most of the people fail! Maybe you’re using an old layout with its own colors and everything is alright, but then you put a table which is not appropriate and everything is ruined!

The other way is using contrast. Using black fonts on a white background is sometimes the best choice and also a boring choice! You can use colors in making PowerPoint slides but choose them carefully. If you can’t easily choose what color to use, you can use online tools which suggest colorful pallets. Finally, the simplest option is to use default colors of the layout.

Be careful about the colors you use for an important message. Don’t destroy the power of colors by using a lot of different colors; it can easily make your audiences confused. 

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