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14 Apr
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The way that different people choose to solve their problems determines their characters, abilities and their differences. People are different at how they solve their problems.

- Some of them spend all their energy to continue the discussion.

- The others like to know the reason of the problem and understand the conflict.

- Some decide quickly.

- And some others manage and control their life and also their career.

Different approaches and opinions can make conflicts. When people are misunderstood, it’s too likely to have a dispute. There are also some exceptions, for example since people have different characters so there may be different kinds of conflicts between them. Remember that we don’t have good characters and bad characters!

We’re all different and unique because of the differences between genes and DNAs.

Introverts, Extroverts:

Extrovert people usually receive energy from their outside environment. However, introverts prefer to stay alone and receive energy from themselves. So the first group is more likely to talk and discuss, they actually express what they’re thinking about loudly so everybody can hear.

Introverts mostly think when they are alone and they’re also been impressed more than the others.

The conflict happens when:

- The extrovert people can’t understand why the other person doesn’t talk to him/her.

- The introvert person can’t understand why the other one doesn’t think before talking!

Some people choose different ways to experience their surrounding society.

Some of them use their all five senses to receive and understand the truth. These people talk only when they’re totally sure about what they’re saying. They’re actually based on evidence.

But the others are depended on their feeling not evident! They pay attention to words and the relation between them. They mostly use their own ideas and when negotiating with other.

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