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7 Oct
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Prejudice and Discrimination

 Prejudice and Discrimination



Prejudice and discrimination are too similar words, but they have slight differences. If you treat badly to someone or even don’t have a good feeling about someone just because they are a member of a specific group or nationality or gender this is the definition of prejudice, but discrimination means to behave unfairly and wrong toward someone because of his/her social class or…

The main difference between a Prejudiced person and a discriminator is that a person can be prejudiced toward someone also acting truly fair, but a discriminator doesn’t act fair. Actually, prejudice can be shown in behavior, feeling or mentally and cognitively but a discriminator always behaves unfairly and shows his feeling in acts.

Examples of discrimination are Racial Discrimination, age discrimination and gender discrimination.

Racial Discrimination was happening during 1948-1994, separating people based on their skin colors which nonwhite people were not allowed to vote or live in white people societies. Age discrimination is acting unfairly toward the different groups of ages.

An example of Gender discrimination is happening in some societies where women are paid less than men in the workplace, or job opportunities are more available to men, also another example of this discrimination is in western societies where women’s rights are greater when they divorce.

Why a person becomes prejudiced or discriminatory?

There are several reasons; it can be inherited from parents. Also, Medias (TV, Movies, and advertisements) are one of the most effective reasons.

There are a lot of different kinds of prejudices, if society decides to deprive prejudiced people in order to control this issue it will lose lots of supports so the society prefers to ignore this issue and match itself.

There are also several solutions; bringing members of different groups together and asking them to share experiences, high-level educations and team working ( put the same goal).

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