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7 Nov
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India is a country with lots of interesting places to go and visit but if you are a woman and planning to travel alone then there are some facts that you should bear in mind.


Get to know India before you go

It is a country with a variety of cultures and people. Although you may have heard that it is not a safe country, it is getting much safer and more modern these days. So, before you start your trip search for the places that are safe for people who are traveling alone and go directly to those places.


Pay attention to the local culture

Try to know more about the culture and customs of the place that you go in order to wear the clothes that they are wearing. You show your respect by doing so.


Put away your fear and feel secured

Like many other places in the world there are some places in India that the crime rate is high, so be alert and cautious but you should know that Indians are helping people especially if they are foreigners. In case of any problems don’t hesitate to ask them and if you are using the buses and someone annoys you don’t be quiet and let other people know about it. If you are lost ask others about the address and always walk in the crowded streets and avoid going to quiet and dark ones.


Travel in the city

There are different kinds of transportations in India that have made it easy to go around in the country. Transportations like rickshaws, taxis, buses, trains, and subways. If you are going out from your hotel and you know that you are going back late then ask your hotel to send a taxi for you. If you are using metro then there is a special area for women and if you are using buses then sit in front of the bus. There is also a special line for women if you are using a train.


Book your hotel in advance

It’s better to reserve your hotel and room before you go there. There are many hotels and suitable and affordable places that you can choose from. Search or to book your hotel.


Use the local SIM Card

Buying a SIM card is very cheap in India. By paying 50 ropier you can buy a 50 Mega bite data. The SIM card can be bought at the airports by just having your passport and a copy of it.


Know the emergency numbers

When you are traveling alone it is very important to know some emergency and important numbers. The police number is 100, the fire department is 101, and the emergency number is 102.


Don’t talk too much with strangers

While talking to strangers be careful don’t talk about your life details or information like your telephone number, your address of staying or email.


If you are careful and cautious about the things that were mentioned, then you can enjoy your trip and have a memorable adventure.

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