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17 Dec
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The earth is a wonderful place to live and there is enough air to breathe and enough water to drink and because of these two major elements, we have a pleasant atmosphere to live on Earth.

What if you could travel to other planets? What planet would you choose? Let’s look at some of the close planets to see if they could be a good choice for you.



Welcome to the planet that nothing happens! It’s a great place to have peace because nobody has ever reached it. Don’t worry about the climate here because there is no atmosphere present and all of it is burned by the sun.

But Mercury has a special parameter and that is the temperature. Each day on Mercury is equal to 1392 hours which is equal to 58 days on earth.

When the sun rises there is a very exciting change in the black sky and it seems that a ball of fire is appearing on the horizon. It makes your skin temperature to be close to hundreds and it’s not romantic at all.

By the time the day is ended make yourself ready for the very cold temperature at night that can be close to minus 173 degrees. In general, nothing much happens on Mercury except for some earthquakes and because there is no atmosphere there is no sound or smell.



This planet has got its name from a Greek god and it is totally hell. Its surface is orange and its air is filled with clouds and you can smell boiled egg everywhere you go. To travel in space is a good idea but remaining alive on Venus is not possible for anybody.



There are numerous robots on Mars and compared to other planets that we mentioned above you can be more relaxed on Mars. Of course, there is no sign of life here either because the air is not good for breathing.

The biggest mountain in space is on Mars and there are volcanoes and other natural events that have been discovered there. The temperature is changeable from 20 degrees Centigrade to minus 126 degrees. The surface is very similar to a desert on earth and the sky is full of stars at night and you can even see our planet Earth and the sunrise and sunset is very similar to what we have on earth.



Welcome to a world of cliffs and rocks that are covered by ice. It has unique characteristics on its surface such as mountains that are made of iced water. But you can’t stay on Pluto because it’s very cold and the temperature reaches minus 229 degrees.


Now that you have some ideas about the planets around us it’s up to you to decide for traveling to space.

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