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20 Jan
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Usually, pimples start to appear on your face when you’re going to have a party or an important meeting! In these situations, it’s too hard to resist not press and pop those disturbing pimples!

Let’s read about some ways of treating face pimples:

First, you should know about the biological reasons for appearing these pimples. In some cases, the reason is some disorders in face oil-producing parts. Sometimes these parts are active more than it’s needed and they start producing lots of oil so these parts get immersed in oil.

Microscopic live organisms which naturally exist on the skin get trapped in large volumes of oil so they cause contamination and produce further secretions. So, pimples are there!!

Actually, pimples are skin deformity. They are injuries or skin problems which are caused by oil tubers, these tubers are inflamed by microbes. At the next step, they will be filled with secretions.

Most of the people believe that using harsh chemical substances, too much washing or even exfoliation and lasering under medical care make your skin sensitive and it will double your skin problems.

1) Use ice as soon as possible

The first quick treatment is ice. Use ice for the pimples which are not totally disinfected and this will decrease the inflammation and also motivate the oil tumors to be contracted and remove the extra oil and microbes.

- Put the ice in a piece of cloth and keep it on the part of the face which is starting to a pimple and let it be for a few seconds.

- Repeat the process after a few minutes

If you do this, the pimple will be gone in one or two days.

2) Honey

You know about the honey properties for sure. It’s known as a disinfectant and it helps to remove microbial agents around the oil tumors.

- Dip a sterile cotton applicator in a honey glass, then apply it on the skin. Then after30 minutes wash it with hot water.

- You can also add cinnamon powder to honey so you will have a thicker substance. You can put it on your face the whole night as a face mask.

3) Lemon water

The other way of getting rid of these pimples is using lemon water.

- Use a sterile cotton earplug and apply lemon juice on the pimples before sleeping.

- Make a mixture of cinnamon powder and lemon water for more intense pimples. Apply it on the pimples at night and let it stay until morning. It’s not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

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