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19 Aug
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August 19 is World Photo Day. The unofficial holiday, which is also sometimes known as Photo Day or World Photography Day, is an annual celebration of the art and science of photography.

The special day was first created in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara. It encourages people to get out there and take pictures from anything interesting.

When did photography start?

The photograph originally was made by Nicéphore Niépce, using silver chloride coating a piece of paper. However, the photo would eventually turn fully dark as he knew no way to remove the silver chloride from the paper to preserve the photo. Photographs got better and better over the years, first with the ‘still camera’, and the ability to take a picture that way. Think the old west in America, and that camera’s differences to the ones of World War 2, then compare them to modern cameras. The major jumps in technology affected photography as much as any other facet of life around the world. With Kodak, Canon and so many other brands out there, it was of no surprise when the market of photography got such a jump, even more so with the military and surveillance capabilities offered as cameras got better, lighter and more easily used. Yet for all the innovation and creativity, science and even the large amount of art that occurs in the photography realm, not much can beat the simple pleasure of snapping photos and developing your frames to enjoy the integrity of the photos.

Sometimes a picture can say a lot that thousands words cannot explain.

How to celebrate the day?

You don’t have to do any big actions. Just take your camera with you and get out there. Try to take an interesting picture and share it with others.

It’s more fun if you don’t use your mobile as your camera. Try to find an old one and touch those buttons and feel the sound of “ click” after “ click” that you make by taking pictures.

The pictures can be about your favorite family members or friends, nature or even animals living out there or in a zoo. Anything that captures your eyes can be interesting for others. So, why not sharing with others.

Also, it’s good for the sake of this day to have a little understanding of this science. Learn more about photography and if you already know about it teach others who are interested.

Enjoy the day.


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