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7 Oct
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We as people not only like to communicate with each other and spend time together, we also like to make bonds with animals too. Some people go ahead and bring animals to their houses to keep them like a family member. We call these animals pets.

What are the best animals to choose as a pet? Let’s look at some of them that can be a good companion for us.


Goldfish: perhaps it is the easiest animal to keep at home. It doesn’t need anything complicated to keep. Just a bowl of water and some small special food is enough for it. It is a beautiful animal that not only can be used as a good decoration for our house but a nice pet as well.


Reptiles: some people like to keep reptiles like snakes or tortoises. They are cold blooded and are non-allergenic.


Birds: birds are an excellent choice for pets. But compared to reptiles and fish they are more demanding and need more attention. Still, many people like to keep them and enjoy their companion.


Cats: cats have always been some people favorite pet. They need regular veterinary checkups and immunizations and you need to be careful what kind of cat you choose to be safe around the children at home.


Dogs: Dogs are not only loyal, kind and fun pets to be with but they can be sometimes a great guard and protector for us. Dogs have been with us from the very beginning and have proven their loyalty to us. No doubt about that dogs can be our best animal friend.


Insects: They may not seem very nice to have as a pet but having an ant farm can be an entertaining and educational experience. There are some people who keep different kinds of spiders and enjoy their presence very much.


These were just some animals that people keep as a pet. It depends on your taste and interest to what kind of animal you would like to have at home. Owning a pet is not easy because they are living creatures and need their own special care and attention. But they can be a good companionship and can entertain us while spending time with them.


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