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16 Nov
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What does a powerful passport mean? Are passports different?

When you decide to travel internationally, having a powerful passport is the most important thing!  Being allowed to enter and leave different countries without passing difficult and long processes of applying visa is its main benefit.

The Nomad passport index has ranked and published the citizen value of 199 countries.   

Nomad Capitalist was founded by Andrew Henderson in 2012 to share field notes about life, business and investing in different countries, he was an investor and entrepreneur and also a traveler.

Since then the site” www.” has become one of the most visited international sites, it actually attracted 3million special visitors in a year.

The Nomad index has been designed to teach international citizens about the real citizen value of the world.  While most of the indexes only review and compares the right to freely travel in every country, the Nomad index includes the details about taxes, free life, and scrutiny during the trip, so this index has been formed to show the real citizen values in every country, the variety of wealth and freely travel without being judged.


The Nomad passport index measures the value of being a country’s citizen. The result is obtained by the weighing method which includes a lot of different factors. This index has reviewed 199 countries based on 5 factors:

1)Traveling without visa (50%)

2)Tax (30%)

3) Perception (10%)

4) Dual citizenship

5) Overall freedom

The obtained result of studies indicates that with considering the mentioned factors, Swedish passport ranked 1st in 2017, while Belgium, Italia, Spain and Ireland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Luxembourg respectively are at the forefront.

Surprisingly American passport ranked 35th, which means it isn’t even among the first 30.

At the bottom of the list, there are Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

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