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25 Nov
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When you think about Paris what words come to your mind? Beautiful, romantic, Eiffel tower, expensive…these may be the ones coming to your head but “adventurous” is not one of them.

One of the things that can be said about Paris is that it has lots of entertaining things for you. It’s a city for people who like to eat the best meals or walk around the city either on foot or by bicycles. There are numerous things that you can do in Paris for fun and here are just a number of them for you to know.


Skating tours

There are skating tours in Paris for everybody that is free of charge. So why not be one of the skaters. You can grab a pair of skates and join the people who skate together to have fun around the city. The tour is done every Friday night but if you are not very good at skating then you can attend the Sunday’s sessions and not being worried about anything because the police are there next to you to take care of you.


Boating in Paris

If you like boating and sailing, then you can do this exciting activity in Paris by renting a boat from Marin D’eau Douce. The company rents a boat to you to ride it for yourself and enjoy your time. The renting is done from one hour to one day. Then if you like to relax and boat around then Paris is the place for you.


Biking in Paris

The minute you get to Paris you will realize there are many bicycles moving around the city. You can rent one and start cycling around the city and enjoy the scenery and the activity itself. The best time to do that is Sunday mornings where the streets are less crowded and you can move around easily by the river without any pollution around.


Breathtaking sceneries

If you are one of those people who loves nature, then Paris is the city for you. There are numerous parks and big gardens in the city that make you fascinated. The parks and gardens are usually very crowded on Sundays.


Mysterious life in Paris

If you are not afraid of looking at bones and skulls, then you should visit Catacombs in Paris. Underneath the crowded city there exist tunnels belonging to the 13th century. They were used for mining and then they were deserted and left behind until later when all the cemeteries in Paris were full and didn’t have a capacity for more dead bodies. Therefore, they started to bury the bodies in these left tunnels. Nowadays, you can visit some parts of the tunnel and look at thousands of skulls buried there.


So, you see there are lots of things that you can do in Paris besides being beautiful or romantic.

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