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10 Mar
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You shouldn’t be afraid of kids fighting. Tolerating these kinds of fighting between your kids is hard and there’s a popular belief that a family in which you don’t see any fighting between siblings is the successful family. But this is absolutely wrong! There is nothing as absolute understanding. Parents or kid fighting is not only inevitable but it’s also helpful! So it’s better to accept that this is a natural part of every family.

Why are you so concerned about this kind of sibling fighting when it’s not a big deal!? It may be because of the wrong belief of a wonderful family with total understanding against each other. You should accept this fact that you can’t protect your child against every problem he/she will be faced in life. They will know how they are capable of solving problems when they face them by themselves, so let them solve their own problems and not interfere in everything! They have to learn how to manage their problems.

You should also accept that your kids may hate each other today and start loving each other tomorrow! Accepting these fighting as a routine part of every life will be so helpful. There’s not a more changing relationship that sibling’s relationship, so you should be worried at all!

Fighting helps your kids to develop his/her personality. Sometimes they need to defend themselves to feel protected and secure but this doesn’t mean that they won’t love their sibling anymore. They don’t have to love each other, they should just respect each other and not to hurt themselves physically and mentally! You are responsible for supporting and protecting their identity and personality. How? You should let them fight but be careful about the bullying problem, humor should not become a habit in your family. They just need to learn how to protect and defend themselves.

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